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Announcing Expiration Wizard!

  • Hands off and timely notification of expirations
  • Complete expiration management and audit capabilities
  • Expiration management
    • License – driver and food
    • Vehicle registration
    • Insurance
  • Ensure compliance across the whole franchise
  • Simple, text-driven process to update documents
  • Automated employee record update in Pules

“Expiration Wizard seamlessly uses your Pulse data to automatically track and alert on upcoming document expirations. It not only ensures compliance, but also offers a quick and mobile-friendly renewal process, all under managerial oversight.”

Shawn R. Brunelle, “The Wizard”

Employee Experience

Manager Experience

Schedule of Events

Expo, Day 1

Monday September 25

Main Floor, Booth 68


Expo, Day 2

Tuesday, September 26

Main Floor, Booth 68


Upside and Wizardline Happy Hour

Monday September 25, 8 PM – 10 PM