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Wizardline Reporting

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A Data Driven Dream


Founded in 2010 by a Domino’s Pizza Franchise Partner, Shawn R Brunelle, Wizardline Technologies, Inc. strives to solve the problem of manual data processing and limited reporting for franchise companies, their stores, and employees. As a long-time Domino’s employee and eventual owner, Shawn understands the challenges facing both consumers and franchises in a way that enabled him to build for their collective success. Over the past 15 years, Wizardline has established a strong franchise data software practice that provides superior data products to all levels of the franchise community.

Operating in over 6,000 franchise stores in the United States and Canada, Wizardline brings vastly improved reporting and automation across several business functions. Automated Payroll, insurance integration, and CPA integration saves Franchisees significant resources for both store and office personnel while drastically reducing manual errors in accounting and human resources.

As part of the Wizardline’s software and services package, we deliver direct enrollment through the Wizardline Marketplace for our customers to use and seamlessly automate critical applications, improving their day-to-day operations to remain competitive in the franchise industry. Payroll, pay cards, AI Ordering, hiring & retention apps, and many others are all delivered directly to our customers.

For our partner community, we bring Wizardline Nexus, the bridge between franchise stores and the applications you provide. We can help end manual process, data retrieval issues, error correcting, onboarding concerns, and many other automation tasks to enable and streamline your application in your customers stores.